Porta con luce integrata XDoor©


The exclusive XDoor© door is characterized by the presence of a LED lighting system integrated into the thickness of the door. The light comes out from a slot inside the MA23 groove handle, the closure is entrusted to an adjustable magnet…

Porte scorrevoli complanari Segreta

Coplanar sliding Segreta

The Segreta invisible door is also available in the coplanar sliding version, made to measure to the millimeter in the version with one or two doors. The operation of the door is totally mechanical and allows the door to be opened with a simple pressure of the hand…

Porta interna bilico Easy s

Easy s pivot version

The Easy-s door is also available in the pivoting version, with integrated soft closing system and stop at 0 ± 90 °, always made to measure both in width and height. There are decorative crosspieces made with extruded aluminum profiles with a particularly thin section…

Porte interne Master


A flush swing door with an aluminum frame, only visible for two and a half millimeters. The panel can be made of glass, wood, lacquered in all colors, even decorated and pantographed based on the Customer’s design…

Porte interne Revolution Staino&Staino


It is esthetically outstanding because the frame is made from a single, seamless element. This peculiarity makes Revolution a unique door, different from all others on the market. The elimination of the classic joints in the casing…

Porte interne Segreta Staino&Staino


The SEGRETA collection allows you to create custom-made invisible doors and closure panels perfectly integrated into the walls. The special frames eliminate the traditional door jambs and completely hide the adjustable hinges…

Porte interne Extra Light Staino&Staino


With an aluminum profile of 25mm only, EXTRALIGHT is one of the most advanced systems for custom-made sliding doors of large dimensions (150cm wide and over 300cm high) with the largest possible glass surface…

Porte per interni Easy s Staino&Staino


The new Easy-S sliding panels system makes it possible to divide internal spaces with door leaves that have a particularly slim perimeter profile. The design of the Easy-S system was developed around two primary needs…

Porte interne Glass Staino&Staino


The GLASS sliding doors collection is characterized by frameless panels entirely made of glass, running on different kinds of systems, classical style or exposed. The glass panels are available in many finishes and colors…

Porte interne Versus


The closet represents a simple and intuitive solution to create storage spaces. The main feature is represented by the chance to close an area wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. This enables not to use balanced frames and not to limit door sizes…

Porte su misura custom


A selection of customized products according to the clients request…



Staino&Staino projects and realizations inside commercial spaces.