Doors and furniture solutions

STAINO&STAINO plans and produces contemporary furniture solutions ranging from interior doors, sliding panels, fitted wardrobes, closets and custom cabinets, walk-in closets and special closures customized according to the needs of designers.
We oversee each production step, including the assembly phase and quality testing. We work closely with italian industry leading companies to deliver components for specific requirements with the highest quality standards set by our company. All the STAINO&STAINO products are Made in Italy.

Staino Contract: at the service of your project

new york

Staino Contract is dedicated to the project management of public buildings, hotels, commercial areas, as well as private projects, with a great attention to details and to the customer’s specific requirements..

All-glass doors: new designs for “Glass”

immagine home glass 3 ante unito

A new range of decorative designs for all-glass doors: geometric and floral motifs to decorate your space with the widest array of options available.

Staino’s Collection


The collection of STAINO & STAINO products.