hinged doors


The door from being a merely functional element becomes a distinctive sign and part of the project of living décor. Staino&Staino offers an endless collection of doors: clients can choose the type of frame, hinge, covering, finishing and décor. Every detail is conceived to perfectly match the context and enhance the style of the space: doors can be true main characters, first ladies or invisible; they can mark a passage or hide it. Indeed, they become a landmark in the architectural project and the interior design. There is also no limit as to dimensions: Staino&Staino’s products are made to measure so that every door may represent a unique element.

Porte interne Master


A flush swing door with an aluminum frame, only visible for two and a half millimeters. The panel can be made of glass, wood, lacquered in all colors, even decorated and pantographed based on the Customer’s design…

Porte interne Revolution Staino&Staino


It is esthetically outstanding because the frame is made from a single, seamless element. This peculiarity makes Revolution a unique door, different from all others on the market. The elimination of the classic joints in the casing, combined with the fact…

Porte interne Segreta Staino&Staino


The SEGRETA collection allows you to create custom-made invisible doors and closure panels perfectly integrated into the walls. The special frames eliminate the traditional door jambs and completely hide the adjustable hinges…

Porte interne Extra Light Staino&Staino


A technical door of basic elegance. Thanks to the standard and EVO frames, the leaf is flush with the staff beads in both the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ versions. The EXTRALIGHT internal swing door can have a snap-lock…

Porte interne Glass Staino&Staino


The GLASS sliding doors collection is characterized by frameless panels entirely made of glass, running on different kinds of systems, classical style or exposed. The glass panels are available in many finishes and colors…