Easy-S Living

In this project, closures were made with pivot doors from the EASY-S collection, profiles in matt black finish and transparent laminated glass in smoked finish, the decorative crosspieces arranged according to the customer’s design, are made with horizontal profiles of 20 mm and 10 mm vertical profiles, the MA-17 handles specific for the Easy-S pivot doors are made from solid aluminum and have a finish coordinated with the perimeter profiles.

The closure that separates the living room from the stairwell is composed of a fixed door and a large Easy-S pivot door, the opening door is equipped with an integrated soft close system with stop at 0, +/- 90 ° .
The soft close system slows the door down during the closing phase and gently stops the door in the 0 ° position, while opening a stop is integrated that allows the door to be stopped just after 90 °. Both the 90 ° stop and the slowdown of the door work in both opening directions.

The integrated soft close system is standard on the Easy-S pivot doors, it does not need to be cut into the floor or ceiling because all the operating components are integrated into the door profiles.

Photos by antonellotofani.com