Green Design

Easy-S two-leaf sliding door with horizontal crosspieces as THREE version.

With the optional wall uprights, a better closure is obtained between the door and the wall, even in the presence of skirting boards (as in the photo). The best insulation is especially appreciated in the kitchen.

The MA17 handle, standard on the Easy-S door, is made from solid aluminum and painted in a finish coordinated with the door profiles. In the photo, an optional iron gray material finish.

Easy-S sliding doors are made exclusively of aluminum and glass, eco-sustainable materials par excellence.

During the production phases, all processing waste is entirely recovered to be recycled. In fact, the production of Easy-S doors does not generate any waste. This feature combined with the very long life of all the materials used makes the Easy-S product a reference in Green building projects.

Project by Arch. Letizia Antonia Lerro specialist in Bio-building and Geobiology

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