Panoramic villa in Villefrance-sur-Mer, France

An important project inside an amazing villa with a stunning view on the sea of the French Riviera.
The project focused on finding solutions to best exploit and save space, as well as installing interior doors. Some swing-door wardrobes feature an “Extralight” profile, with a roller latch lock and a pull handle installed on the mirror. The profile has a bright brushed finish. The most important and largest rooms feature sliding door leaves from the “Versus” collection, all with bright brushed profiles and mirrors.

All doors are equipped with staff beads – upon the designer’s request – and feature the “Master” profile, with bright brushed profiles and shiny black glasses. With regard to the different kinds of openings, the project features both sliding pocket doors – with a classic flush inset pull handle – and swing doors flush with the staff beads, thanks to the EVO system that allows a perfect alignment between doors with push or pull opening leaves.