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  • GLASS | frosted bronze glass with decoration DS16 | MA07
  • GLASS | clear glass decoration DSC05 | MA07
  • GLASS | polished glass DS07 | MA06
  • GLASS | clear glass decoration DV13 | MA06
  • GLASS | polished glass DS17 | MA06
  • GLASS | polished glass DS01 | MA07
  • GLASS | glass with decoration DV01 | MA04
  • GLASS | varnished glass CL03 | MA07
  • GLASS | varnished glass CL03 | MA07
  • GLASS | varnished glass (image provided by the customer) | MA05
  • GLASS | varnished glass (image provided by the customer) | MA05
  • GLASS | polished glass DS04 | MA07
  • GLASS - VERSUS| varnished glass with decoration DS02 | MA07
  • GLASS | frosted extra clear glass CR07 | MA06
The GLASS sliding doors collection is characterized by frameless panels entirely made of glass, running on different kinds of systems, classical style or exposed. The glass panels are available in many finishes and colors. The GLASS sliding glass door can be customized with decorations, drawings, photographs, sandblasting: in addition to the selection offered in the catalog, it is possible to use decorative themes and images provided by the customer—a way to make every single GLASS door unique.

plate glasses
varnished glasses
drawings for glasses
drawings for polished glasses
coulored drawings for polished glasses


handles and accessories
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